What is Qi?


“Can you feel it, can we feel it? “? 🎵 🎶 Spring is in the air, days are getting longer, birds are chirping, the first daffodils and crocuses are poking through and Mr Groundhog did not see his shadow so Spring is on its way !

What does all this mean for our Qi [ pronounced ‘Chi’, meaning energy ] ? It means a re-awakening of our energy. I for one have been extremely tired this winter and had been ill with a terrible cold virus :but luckily I recovered fairly swiftly from this by using some Qi Gong forms that help the Qi of the chest, plus other remedies which I will discuss in later blogs .

I always feel much more positive in the Spring and my Qi Gong practice really flourishes: ‘Qi’ meaning energy and ‘Gong’, method of producing .

I love Qi Gong! My journey which led me to Qi Gong began over 30 years ago with a change of career path . I was a stressed-out New Yorker working on Wall Street, but always had a keen interest in health and how our bodies work . I fell into Shiatsu and the wonders of it for my own well-being . This inspired me to study acupuncture and what better place to study and live than London ! After the 3-year study I finished my clinic training in Guangzhou, China . While there, I was very privileged to learn one of the 36,000 forms of Qi Gong . On my return to England I gifted the Form I learnt to The Shiatsu College and so for over 30 years, myself and various teachers are still spreading the Form around the country…..


Qi Gong is a way of taking control over one’s life . I feel it’s a way of spreading positivity around your body and hence in your life . It’s a form of exercise, as not only do you move every single muscle and joint in the body once you’ve completed the form , but you feel energised as you coordinate the use of the breath. It works to de-stress and relax the mind when you are confident with doing the postures . It becomes a silent , graceful moving meditation. …… where you begin to feel the power of your own Qi..

Spring is a time of renewal, so what better time to learn Qi Gong , young and old alike as now to bring out your inner vitality , your power of Qi!

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