Join Elise's Zoom Qi Gong classes

Join Elise's Zoom Qi Gong classes

Elise has been teaching Qi Gong classes since 1988 and has adapted to our new coronavirus times by offering daily classes online via Zoom.

Qi Gong is similar to Tai Chi but easier to learn. It uses slow, graceful movements combined with controlled breathing to promote circulation of Qi (energy) within the body to produce a sense of calmness and well-being. It works on every joint in the body improving balance, flexibility and the immune system. Elise’s daily classes provide the perfect island of respite in these challenging times.

Classes are for all ages and loose-fitting clothing and non-slip socks are the only equipment required.

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Regular class details

Qi Gong classes are £8 a class, with discounts if you attend multiple classes per week:

  • 2 classes a week for £10
  • Special offer: 3 classes a week for £12 (just £4 per class!)

Classes are at 10am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 11am Tuesday, Thursday.